Blond Mistress Vixen tortures a tied slave

Completely restrained and helpless male slave was a perfect target for torture. Cruel blond Mistress Vixen gave Her best to torture his cock and balls while She made him breathless by sitting on his face. Click on a photo above to visit The English Mansion for more cruel Femdom movies.

Sissy slave spanked by the three Mistresses

As the three Mistresses completely humiliated and degraded a male slave it was the time to inflict some pain. What better way to do it than a rough caning. Be sure to visit The English Mansion for more and click on a photo above.

Medical torture for a sissified slave

Sissified male slave was properly restrained with medical restraints while cruel nurses Sidonia Von Bork and Mistress Nina Birch were preparing the tools for medical torture. Pure Femdom and fetish properly combined. Waste no time if you like cruel Femdom and click on a photo above to visit The English Mansion.

Male slave trampled by the two barefoot girls

After good laughing at slave’s small dick, two young Mistresses didn’t want to stop with humiliation and degradation of this pathetic loser. They used him as a human carpet and walked all over him. To see more highly fetishistic Femdom videos, be sure to click on a photo above and visit The English Mansion.

Two Schoolgirls abuse two naked male slaves outdoors

Just as the two male slaves thought that the humiliation couldn’t got worse, two dominant schoolgirls brought them out completely naked to humiliate them even more. Click on a photo above to see this great schoolgirl Femdom video and visit Class 5b.

Schoolgirl abuses a teacher

Pathetic teacher didn’t know to who did he give bad mark to, so it was the time for revenge. Be sure to click on a photo above to see how he got dominated by a revolted school and visit Class 5b.

Schoolgirl Femdom

Kinky and Dominant Schoolgirl felt offended by a remark of Her classmate earlier that day. To make things even with him, She invited him to stay after the school and show him who’s the boss in that class. Be sure to click on a photo above for more Dominant Schoolgirls who abuse their classmates and their teachers.

Black Mistress abuses two white male slaves

Two pathetic male slaves were used and abused by a cruel black Mistress who didn’t care if they were comfortable with it or not. While one of them was used as a human furniture so She could rest Her feet, the other one was ordered to worship and lick Her boots. Be sure to see more interracial Femdom videos and click on a photo above to visit Black Girls White Slaves.

Outdoor humiliation

Cruel black Mistress didn’t care if anyone will see how She treats Her white slave so She dragged him like a dog in the backyard where She humiliated him. Completely under Her control the only thing he could do was to comply and obey. To see more black girls dominating white slaves click on a photo above.

Two black girls use a male slave as an ashtray

Degraded and humiliated by the two young black girls, this pathetic white male slave had to satisfy all of their needs including to be their human ashtray.  It got much more worse and cruel for him later so be sure to click on a photo above and visit Black Girls White Slaves for more interracial Femdom videos.

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